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WATER CYCLE HOUSE For European Space Agency

esa water house
- CYCLE : Bio Greenhouse - Life Space - Water Tank Water cycle house is a minimal Life space adapted to a mode of throught responsible and respectful of the environement, using technologies of the spatial research . This project aims has demontrer a certain future in a minimal habitat. Developing a certains number of stemming technologies of the spacial research a Biological Life notion of responsibility as compared to the envirronnement. In this individual house the Water is Recycled to 100%.
To live in a space reduces with notion of space economy / of water / of energy.
atmospheric humidity recoverry
- Bio Greenhouse: For recover atmospheric humidity. Place a unit uses the Aerogel for recuperer the stemming atmospheric humidity
of the greenhouse.
The Aerogel absorbs the humidity atmospheric to ambient temperature and after having bed heated to 150-300,
regenerates it in vapor of water. One of the possible alternative resource is the recuperation of the humidite atmospherique by using a dessicant (aerogel).
- Then to filter the water salts the systeme of the osmose inverted that by (under) pressure and passage by filters then a membrane purifies totally the water.
automatic inflation
- The Inflate and deflate the furniture are manufactured in Silk Glass covered with Silicon Rubber in internal structure of the armchair are
3D fibers structured in alveolars.
wall furniture unit
- Life Space: Minimal life space
the typical constitution of the space of the tubular form whose tidyings and main functions are regrouped in a wall .
- This Wall Furniture unit allows to tidy the furniture and whole contains the space of life furniture are inflatable. A system of pump to Air integrate allows to Inflate and deflate the furniture. The control of the hot water and the air coditionn are integrated there.
- The solar collector utilization as source of energy, solar panels situated on the roofing. The shell exterieur of the house is in Ceramic Matrix Composites ultra resistante.

Albany International Techniweave, Inc.